Vision & Mission

Vision :

We, Pigeon HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd., envision the company to be at the forefront of the overseas recruitment business. We will be seen as a center of excellence trailblazing and espousing the best practices in the industry within the bounds of the law.

Mission :

Our mission it to provide our clients the best service with smile, professionalism and integrity. At the same time, we do have a through of improving the quality of life of Nepalese willing to risk abroad under unfamiliar circumstances. It acknowledges its social responsibility and extending a helping hand to its clients not only during the recruitment process but all throughout the duration of the employment up to the time the workers returns safely in the comfort of his/her family. On the other hand, we are dedicated to satisfy all out clients with superior quality service resulting in quality applicants with our excellence, leadership and integrity in the industry. Our mission also includes building the strength of out organization, our people, our management team, our financial resources to achieve continuous growth and profitability for our company.



Pigeon HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a gateway between Nepalese workers and foreign employer.